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The O-Shot Is…Oh!-mazing

My friends who live in the world of marketing are always looking for that brand name that perfectly captures what their product is all about. It may be an onomatopoeia, or describe its result in one, succinct and perfect word. Well, I think Dr. Runels, the developer of the O-Shot, is a marketing genius.

PRP is the magic sauce of biology.

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is created when blood from the patient is spun on an FDA approved centrifuge and allowed to layer out. At the bottom are all of the red blood cells, smashed into a nice crimson clot. Above is a straw colored layer called the plasma, the liquid portion of our blood. Suspended within this layer is an amazing blood cell called the platelet. As a major component of the cellular arm of the blood clotting cascade, platelets are usually the first on the scene of injury to the body to set up shop and begin the incredible process of healing. When concentrated, as in the PRP, and injected into areas of injury, or a surgical site, or tissue change as with aging, the body is sent a signal to bring all guns to bear and repair this area…pronto. The result is an increase in growth factors, collagen and stem cells that rejuvenates, heals, and revitalizes the injected area. PRP has been used for years in orthopedic and spine surgery, where it speeds up bone union times, and more recently in plastic surgery and hair loss treatment. Charles Runels, M.D., was very familiar with PRP and its amazing properties and applications. In his practice, Dr. Runels had already invented the Vampire Face-Lift using PRP, with amazing results. It was then that his girlfriend said, “I want you to inject PRP in my vagina.” Not an every day request, but you see, she was suffering from what so many women suffer…she was leaking urine, especially with exercise. So after contemplating the pros and cons, and reflecting on the many successes he had had with PRP injections, he agreed. After all, you can’t have an allergic reaction to your own blood, as some people can to the “fillers”, that were used previously. So he injected a bolus of her own PRP, trans-vaginally, under her urethra in order to give it support. And then they waited for results. In time, her incontinence improved tremendously. But another curious effect became very apparent…patient #1 began having mind blowing orgasms. When he thought about it, it made sense. After all, he injected the PRP in the vagina, just below the urethra, which is in the same zip code as the Grafenberg Spot; this spot is also known as the G-Spot.

The results were reproducible in patient #2 and beyond. He also added an injection in the clitoris to the repertoire. Now this sounds absolutely horrible. It’s actually quite painless through the miracle of topical numbing cream. Now the entire female orgasmic system was injected and enhanced by his new procedure. Only one thing left for him to do…name it!  This is where the marketing genius of Dr. Runels comes in. Keep it simple and tell me what it does!!! So he called it the “O-Shot”.

put the Oh! back in your love life with the o-Shot

As one of the few physicians who has been trained in the O-Shot procedure, I can attest to the dramatic results. They have been incredible. I will use it alone, when vaginal function is adequate; or I use it in conjunction with diVa when the vagina needs a functional boost. The two procedures in combination provide a synergy of sexual and functional enhancement that is unparalleled. Especially when any hormonal deficits are balanced with bio-identical hormone replacement. More and more patients are asking about it, which is a great thing. It has been observed that only 14% of patients with symptoms of sexual of orgasmic dysfunction actually talk to their gynecologists about it. The usual comment being, “she (or he) didn’t seem receptive about the subject.” It can be a difficult topic to discuss, but since it is often sited as the number one or two issue in marital counseling, it’s a topic that should come up. It is of utmost importance to my practice to provide a safe place for patients to discuss all subjects, and we are continuously trying to better ourselves to that end. And if we’re talking about sexuality, we’re talking about couples, and that means I need to treat partners for their hormone imbalances, as well. It doesn’t make sense to provide my patients with super powers if they come home to a couch potato. Sexuality improvement is couple’s improvement.

Whenever I’m asked about the benefits of the O-Shot, and ultimately the question asked by patients, and at the water cooler is, “does it really work?”, I recall the response of one of my patients when asked, specifically: “Describe in one word the effects of the O-Shot.” After a few seconds of blissful contemplation, she smiled and replied, “Breathtaking!!!”

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