The diVa phenomenon a year later

It was a year ago that I first mentioned diVa Vaginal Laser Therapy to you as a “practice defining moment.” And now, I am amazed to tell you that the diVa phenomenon has far exceeded my expectations.

That’s a bold assertion, especially with all of the fanfare used when I introduced it. But the response has surprised even me. When I purchased diVa, I did so to help the thousands of patients who, after vaginal childbirth, were invariably leaking when they coughed or sneezed. As I expected, after the initial treatment, patients are noticing huge improvements with this problem. And it only gets better with the subsequent treatments. diVa DOES take care of the leaks. But this isn’t what I’m getting the biggest and loudest OMG’s about. What is it about the diVa treatment that has my patients telling all of their friends about it, the reason I’ve gotten a few thank you notes from their husbands?

It’s the S-E-X

“I feel more, he feels more, we both feel more!” Of course, it’s whispered for emphasis and decorum. So how does diVa do what it does? It’s all about the perfectly paired lasers. In combination they put the right temperature at the right depth, which equals lots of collagen and increased vascularity. This improves the S-E-X by decreasing the laxity and increasing the elasticity. This means more contact and an enhanced vaginal response. This means improved vaginal orgasms, perhaps for the first time, as the “G” spot is also rejuvenated. And it also means that when I ask my patients about their leaking, they usually respond with, “Oh yeah…that’s gone…BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE AMAZING S-E-X!!” Usually emphasized by a loud whisper.

By the way…if you’re interested…free consults in February.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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