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The da Vinci Robotic Surgery system is the most advanced and least invasive type of surgery used in gynecology surgery today. Dr. George B. Branning at Texas Gynecology is an an experienced surgeon who offer numerous procedures with this system for patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Frisco, Texas area.

Da Vinci Surgery Q & A

Who Is A Good Candidate For Da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

The ideal candidate for da Vinci robotic surgery is a healthy person who has had a minimal number of abdominal surgeries in the past. Most people who are in good health are good candidates for da Vinci robotic surgery. People who have major cardiovascular or pulmonary disease may need to get cardiac clearance prior to having the surgery.

What Incisions Are Made In Da Vinci Surgery?

There are minimal incisions with da Vinci surgery. The entire procedure is done through 3 to 4 tiny punctures. Each incision is the diameter of a dime or less. This means that there won’t be the same type of scars that are associated with open surgery.

What Is The Recovery From Da Vinci Surgery Like?

Recovery is dramatically easier than it is with other types of surgery. With minimally invasive da Vinci surgery, the stay in the hospital is a single night at most. Many people can even return home the same day of the surgery, depending on the specific procedure and patient. People have much less pain after da Vinci robotic surgery, and they heal much more quickly since there is less blood loss. Generally, patients can return to work and activities within two weeks instead of the usual six weeks for a hysterectomy. Ultimately, this makes for a faster return to work and life in general.

How Does Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Work?

During a conventional laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon must constantly glance away from the surgical instruments to see the video monitor that displays the surgical site. With da Vinci robotic surgery, the surgeon can keep their eyes on the surgical site the entire time because they are controlling the instruments with robotic arms. This allows for the highest levels of precision and alleviates the chances of hand tremors. The surgeon is able to perform even complex and lengthy surgeries with the help of the da Vinci robotic arms.

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