Why diVa Vaginal Laser Therapy? Why Now?


diVa Vaginal Laser Therapy is a Game changer.

In my career, there have been a few points in time that have defined my practice. One was robotic surgery; minimally invasive, precise and robust in its ability to improve women’s lives. The next was bringing bio-identical hormones to you. The “pellets” have made all of us healthier and balanced, and we’re not going back.

I am excited to present to you the next defining step in life changing therapy for the women in my life-for you, my patients. I am excited to bring to you…diVa.

For the, literally, thousands of you who cross your legs, squeeze, Kegal or flex when you cough or sneeze, or you’ll leak. For those of you who love a good laugh, but hope that the joke isn’t ‘too funny’ because accidents aren’t funny at all. For those of you who look at a trampoline only nostalgically and say ‘no way, not today’. For those of you who suffer from painful dryness and lost intimacy and a longing for a more youthful, vital and sensual self…there’s diVa Vaginal Laser Therapy. This, my friends, can be a life changer.

Why this laser?

So why this laser, and why now? I have heard your complaints and your resigning to the ‘new normal’, and I’ve heard you say, “I’m just getting older’. I’ve heard you accept this fate. You don’t want surgery…you don’t want a mesh sling…and I don’t blame you. There have been vaginal rejuvenation therapies before. I watched the big hype about Mona Lisa Touch and it’s promises. And I knew this was not the right therapy. I knew this was not the right laser, not the right design. And I waited. Waited for the right therapy. I waited for diVa from Sciton.

Finally there is a true vaginal rejuvenation therapy designed by a gynecologist, for women. diVa is designed from the ground up by Sciton, the leading medical laser company. It is virtually painless with minimal down time, so you can leave my office and go right to work, or to the tennis court.

Diva gives rapid improvement to control, lubrication, laxity and sensation, as well as a ‘reboot” to your youthful and sensual self. Since diVa is automated you get a perfect and predictable treatment. And because of that, instead of 30-40 minutes like the first generation lasers, diVa takes 3-5. Therefore, diVa gives real, reproducible and lasting results.

I am so passionate about diVa that I can go on and on. If you’d like to know how diVa can help, come talk with me. Call our office for a one on one consult.

I am looking forward to sharing more with you about diVa.

George Branning, MD

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