Robotic Surgery (DaVinci)

One of the most common procedures Dr. Branning performs is laparoscopy for pain and/or endometriosis. When you dock the DaVinci Surgical System to the laparoscopic ports our surgeons can diagnose and treat these problems faster and with greater visibility and precision. These are often the most time consuming and technically challenging surgeries a gynecologist can face. Pain can occur for many reasons and endometriosis can cause a tremendous amount of scarring. We believe that the DaVinci Robot simply makes the challenge easier and safer for our patients. Done as an outpatient, our patients are usually home by the afternoon.

Dr. Branning was one of the first surgeons in the greater Frisco area to become proficient on this minimally invasive robot-assisted technique for Endometriosis laparoscopy. With 100’s of robot-assisted surgeries to his credit.

“Endometriosis (say “en-doh-mee-tree-OH-sus”) happens when tissue that lines your uterus also grows outside your uterus. These growths often attach to the ovaries or other organs, and they may bleed during your period and cause pain. They may also make it hard for you to get pregnant.” – WebMD definition.

Dr. George Branning of Texas Gynecology is one of the most experienced Da Vinci Surgeons in Frisco and North Texas.

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