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If you’re experiencing leaking or other vaginal problems associated with childbirth or menopause, you can likely benefit from diVa Vaginal Rejuvenation. DiVa is a non-surgical therapy that restores healthy, youthful vaginal tissue for improved comfort and function. At Texas ObGyn in Frisco, Texas, Dr. George Branning offers in office diVa Treatment for patients in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas.



What is diVa Vaginal Rejuvenation?

DiVa is a revolutionary procedure, designed by a gynecologist, for women, that is performed using a specific tandem of lasers to replace and improve vaginal tissue quality. Both childbirth and menopause significantly change the anatomy and lower the quality and function of the vaginal tissue and surrounding pelvic structures. Because it fundamentally revitalizes the vaginal tissue, it returns the youthful feel and function that you thought were gone forever. Leaking, vaginal dryness and painful and unsatisfying sex could be a thing of the past with diVa Vaginal Therapy.

Who benefits from diVa?

Is coughing, sneezing or laughing causing you to cross your legs, Kegel or squeeze so that you don’t leak? Are you looking nostalgically at the trampoline?  Are you measuring the distance from the barre to the bathroom at the new studio, or just not signing up to begin with?  Has sex has lost its “spark”, or become a chore due to pain from vaginal dryness? Are you a breast cancer survivor and think there’s no hope for your vaginal issues? Then you need to see how diVa Vaginal Therapy can literally change your life.

How does diVa work?

Designed by a gynecologist and Sciton Women’s Health, diVa uses two perfectly tuned lasers firing with exact timing, and with the accuracy only possible with High Precision Automation to deliver the energy at the right depth, wavelength and distribution to result in the correct biological response necessary for creation of elastic collagen, youthful lubrication and a healthy decrease in laxity. The sum of these changes is rejuvenation of vaginal function, including vastly reduced leaking and improved intimacy.

How long does diVa take?

Each diVa procedure takes 3-5 minutes. It is virtually painless and you can return to work or the gym that day. Only 3 treatments at 4 week intervals will give you the results and the longevity that you desire. It’s possible that you might need future treatments to maintain your results. If you add the O-Shot®️, that will add another 5 minutes to the procedure. After the diVa treatment, you will have spotting and discharge for 2-3 days. Nothing a thin pad can’t handle.

What will I experience during the diVa procedure?

Some patients experience pressure or “tapping”. There might be more sensitivity as the diVa travels towards the vaginal opening. The average pain scale is 3 out of 10.


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